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Guideline for Making a Potential Un-solicit Mass Scale Waste Management Proposal to a Solicit Proposal in Western Province, Sri Lanka

1.Provincial Approved Procedure to make a proposal to a solicit proposal:

Step1 :  
Forwarding a “Concept Document” by a potential developer to the WMA; OR Identify a potential proposal for waste management by the WMA

Step 2 : 
Obtain the consent from the Board of Management of the WMA

Step3 :  
Obtain Provincial Cabinet Approval for further evaluation of the said project proposal  

Step 4 :  
Appoint a “Scoping Committee” to evaluate the project proposal based on the Cabinet Approval
no V/44/05-2010-02(i) on 19th of May 2010,

Step 5 :
Evaluate the project proposal by the appointed Scoping Committee and Call for Expression Of Interest (EOI) for similar projects proposal from other outside potential bidders,

Step6 :
Evaluate all proposals received as response for the EOI and shortlisted the prospective bidders who have fulfilled the basic requirements requested by the EOI. Based on the recommendations of the appointed Scoping Committee, WMA to Request a Full Proposal (RFP) from the shortlisted bidders. (At the RFP stage, the developer should be definite on their project because the completed RFP will be a part and parcel of the Private Public Partnership Agreement with WMA).

Step 7 :
At the submission of RFP all the bidders should pay the under mentioned Processing Fee based on the plant capacity.

Project Capacity Total Amount US$ Refundable Amount US $
More than 500 MT/day 50,000 25,000
Between 300 – 499 MT/day 40,000 15,000
Between 100 – 299 MT/day 30,000 10,000
Between 25 – 99 MT/day 15,000 5,000

Step 8 : 
Scoping Committee will evaluate all RFP received to WMA considering Technical, Financial, Environmental and social aspects of the proposals

Step 9 :  
Recommendations will be made by the Scoping Committee by arranging the shortlisted proposal and based on the information given.

Step10 :
Final recommendation will be produced to the Cabinet of Ministers of the Western Province through the Board of Management of WMA and the most prospective bidder will be identified by the Cabinet of Ministers of Western Province for the  WMA to proceed,

Step 11 :
WMA will Issue the  “Letter of Award”  to the Selected Bidder with appropriate Private Public Partnership Agreement (PPP). (WMA will take arrangements to obtain Attorney General’s Consent for the PPP Agreement)

Step 12 :
Selected bidder should obtain all relevant approval (EIA, drainages, etc) within 06 months period which will be extended for another Max. 03 months for a genuine request. During this whole period, WMA will assist the developer to obtain all relevant approvals

Step 13 :
If the WMA satisfies the approvals obtained by the Developer, the WMA will release the land for Construction as agreed upon the conditions of the Agreement. The Developer should complete the construction within 18 months. This period can only extend max. of 06 months for a genuine request.

Step 14 :
WMA will conduct awareness campaigns for all relevant stakeholders with the developer     

Step 15 :
Business Agreement will be signed with the Developer for the operation by the WMA based on the Agreement.

2.Provincial Priorities for consideration of  Mass Scale Waste Management Project (Gridline)

i. Project proposals which have a daily intake capacity of average 200Mt to 400Mt of Mixed Municipal Solid Waste.

ii. Proven State-of art technologies to accept of mixed MSW. 

iii.Storage facilities to store a minimum equivalent quantity of waste required for five (5) days operation.

iv. Zero tipping fee for mixed Municipal Solid Waste.  However, if the developer expects a tipping fee, it should be clearly specified in the proposal as tipping fees for different categories of waste such as organics, perishables, recyclables, mixed MSW, industrial, mixed industrial, health care waste, etc.
v.If the project is for generation of electricity, the developer should satisfy with the tariff rates announced by the Public Utility Commission of Sri Lanka and shall agree to abide all the terms and conditions of the Ministry of Power & Energy, Sustainable Energy Authority and other relevant state agencies for the selling of electricity.
vi.The developer shall agree to allow the WMA to handle the gate of waste acceptance (To promote Government 3R policy and sector development).
vii.If the project is for other product such as RDF the proposal should clearly mention the end user or marketing procedure
viii. The project period should be minimum of 20 years either as BOO or BOOT,
ix.WMA will provide a minimum land requirement requested by the project proponent on lease basis (at nominal fee or zero cost)
x.The business venture should be Public Privet Partnership Program
xiii. WMA expect minimum equity shares of  5% and minimum of 01 Director Position in the Board of Directors of  the Project Company with the voting rights and 01 with non voting powers.

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